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Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes

LUCID is involved as an academic and technical Partner in ACCEPT (Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes) research project. ACCEPT will develop, a system of three applications, running on different devices Smart Glasses, tablets or iPads and desktop computers. These three main applications are:

  • CoOpApp (Construction Operator Assistant Application) that uses augmented reality technology - Smart Glasses to visualise and share information among stakeholders (i.e. assembly instructions).
  • SiMaApp (Site Manager Application) that uses mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones to manage construction works and collect data from a construction site via sensors.
  • Web-based Dashboard that monitors construction progress as well as controls the quality of construction works according to national energy efficiency and acoustic regulations.

In details...

LUCID is responsible of developing the Dashboard, that will be mainly monitoring the quality of the building on the construction site. With the incorporation of Cyber-Physical elements, such as sensors, the dashboard will be able to collect and analyse data from the construction site and provide guidelines where needed, ensuring that all benefits of energy efficient building components are maintained.

The project is on its second year. LUCID has already attended several international plenary meetings with the eleven partners coming from seven different European countries and different disciplines.

During the next months the consortium will be focusing on two significant milestones. One, is the forthcoming workshop in Malaga, Spain and the other is the first EC review that will be held in Brussels, Belgium this June, where the first working prototypes of the three ACCEPT applications will be presented.

The results of the project will be demonstrated within seven pilot projects (construction sites) in four different EU countries such as the UK, Belgium, Spain and Cyprus. The project will last 36 month and will be completed at the end of 2017.

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