Lab for User Cognition & Innovative Design

Welcome / Overview


Created in 2001, the LUCID-ULiège's team brings together researchers and academics pooling their complementary skills: architects and building engineers, computer scientists, work psychologists, electronic and mechanical engineers, assisted by a staff of computer graphic designer, administrative manager and business manager.

Research Aims

Its research works aim at bringing support to designers and concern:

  • analysis of cognitive activity during design tasks;
  • knowledge models formalization: design process, design product and implicit data management;
  • innovative technologies for human machine interaction: fuzzy logic & computer graphics, signal processing, AI & computer vision;
  • development of intelligent and natural interfaces software, especially based on smart sketch modelling.

Academic Aims

As a unit of Applied Science Faculty of Liège University (ULiège), the LUCID-ULiège provides a part of the building engineer and architect cursus.


Design computing > architectural, building and mechanical engineering;
Human machine interaction in design > sketch based & multimodal interface;
Computer science > artificial intelligence, signal processing, computer vision;
Cognitive science > design task analysis.

Support and Partnership

The LUCID-ULiège is supported by several public or private funds and develops collaborations with:

  • about twenty laboratories and research teams in Europe and Canada;
  • about fifteen industrial companies (architecture studios, engineering offices, etc.).